Utilities and Safe Drone Inspections

Save lives and time with the Dronetodesign drone!!

What is required for surveyors to produce the topographical and base map data for engineers is tedious, time consuming, and exceptionally predisposed to error

The Civil Engineer/Firm will either have a Survey Department that will execute their typical workflow in-house or they will subcontract a surveyor to deliver the existing data. The surveyor will produce a Base Map of the existing conditions of the site. From this point, theCE will analyze the existing conditions of their site and begin proposing ideas for new construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, and/or cost analysis and estimates. Current industry workflows for obtaining this data are time consuming, often covering several days or a week, depending on the size of the project. The time savings alone is enough of a compelling reason to purchase a drone or DRONE TO DESIGN drone services.

Services to Offer :

Team Augmentation, Project Mentoring/Kickoff, Drone services, Drone Sales and training. For drone services vs drone sales and training: it’s the CE’s call regarding how much upfront expense and how much liability they are willing to accept in regard to getting a FAA Remote Pilot’s License and doing the data capture themselves.


The Land Surveyor is the foundation of the Industry. Land Surveyors calculate, measure, and place monumentation at points upon the surface of the earth, using mathematics and science, for the purpose of defining maps, boundaries of ownership for land, the planning and execution of construction, and other purposes required by government or civil law.No project, no piece of land or property can be located geographically if not for a surveyor’s work. This goes far beyond producing Topographical Surveys but for now, we will focus on this service.
DRONE TO DESIGN can partner with you and fly your entire site or project to produce a Digital Elevation Model and Base Map more efficiently than traditional industry practices for obtaining existing terrain data and assist you to add a new tool to your existing survey toolset.

Drones have the ability to glide above rugged terrain, in areas where it is difficult to for utility workers to navigate, and send pictures back that show the condition of pipelines and power lines. Of course they are unable to inspect buried pipes, but they are able to send images back of vegetation surrounding the pipelines that can help to identify potential problems - one common sign of a potential methane leak is dying greenery.

Our team has comprehensive experience with utility coordination at every level on both private and public projects, and has the ability to determine the best method for resolving utility conflicts as well as recover the costs associated with delivering the resolution.

Ensure the safety of your field inspectors

dronetodesign highly trained industry engineers and UAV pilots. We provide our clients with support in the form of confined and internal space inspections, land surveys, cooling tower and chimney inspections, as well as distribution and transmission tower inspections.

We plan missions for the dronetodesign and then execute them completely autonomously. Your field inspectors are kept safe on the ground as high structures are being inspected. Save costs with more frequent and faster inspections.

Drones for Utilities

dronetodesign solutions are used by utility companies for conducting infrastructure inspection. Infrastructure, supporting equipment, substations, corridors and transmission lines all requires constant maintenance for the lights to be kept on. A commercial drone solution is provided by dronetodesign to make the maintenance and collection of infrastructure data more efficient, safer and faster.

  • Facility Inspections
  • Infrastructure Inspections
  • Tower Inspections
  • Fault Finding Inspections