Construction Services

Drone to Design's focus for the construction industry is to assist in volumetric calculation of borrow material from the borrow site to accurately quantify how much was removed from the property owner’s site, and to give a well maintained and accurate paper trail of materials removed.

Drone to Design can also give dirt and gravel superintendents/foreman the ability to have daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly real-time accurate updates of completed materials during the construction of the project to give to the project stakeholders to process payment.

Engineering Services

Drone to Design will create accurate and real-world Digital Elevation Models to obtain accurate and precise measurements of existing terrain conditions.

Drone to Design will also create a base map with industry leading CADD software which will display existing land-marks, landscapes, structures, utilities, and buildings for use in the design process.

Arial Cinematography Services

Drone to design is capable of capturing high definition and ultra-high definition areal cinematography and Photography for use as marketing, training or entertainment.

This content can be delivered in raw format or as a full post production final product.

Drone to design can even give guidance and act as creative director consult for companies looking to produce creative content.

Agriculture Services

Drone to Design can help farmers and agronomists make informed business decisions and precisely target action in the field, resulting in lower costs and better returns.