Digital Mapping
To Digitize Your World

The drone by dronetodesign creates accurate maps along with digital elevation models, and then imports them into your Autodesk tools. This is the easiest way for you to generate georeferenced maps. You can create high resolution maps in an autonomous manner for overseeing site changes, monitoring sites, or measuring stockpiles. All of this can be done with the dronetodesign drone.

Create Georeferenced Maps

All you have to do is outline the area that you are hoping to digitize simply by using your fingertip. The drone will automatically execute the flight and grab all of the images that you need to put together 2D maps and quality digital elevation models. The images are then processed through dronetodesign for creating georeferenced, orthorectified mosaics.

What Is A Mapping Drone And
Why Should You Use One?

The drone mapping platform that dronetodesign is offering gives you fast, accurate and easy acquisition of aerial data to allow you to capture informed, targeted action. Dronetodesign will give you a whole new level of insight for valuable industries like construction, agriculture, land and resource management, mining and grabbing data for an area that may need to be looked at often, and closely. The dronetodesign technology gives you this ability quickly, easily and affordably, with much less risk and a bit more detail and frequency that you would get with satellite imagery and manned flight.

These mapping drones are bundled with all you need for the creation of high resolution maps with the single push of a button.

How It All Works

We don’t just throw a drone in the air and hand you a deliverable. We help you understand the complete process for capturing the data, and the best uses for the deliverable.

This is where we shine. Our partners will offer a set aside strategy sessions where we can dig into these issues and make sure that we know the market, goals, and vision. We will host the quarterly meeting so that your company continues to grow. Show you how to have annual, quarterly, weekly, and daily meetings in a much more productive way.

What You Will Get

Dronetodesign helps you to advance your business practices with information that is accurate and immediately actionable about your land, all done as often as you want. You will not only see more, but you will save money and see better. Once you see all of your operations from the air, you will never approach work in the same manner again. You get custom-tailored adding a whole new layer of protection. The case will keep all of the components easy to get to and all in one place so that you are ready in the field. The capabilities include 2D maps and you have the chance to fly through the map in a 3D movie that is software generated, right down to included waypoints. Hardware and software such as this will revolutionize this commercial UAV industry, helping people and their business along the way.